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Are course lessons enough?

Can I join the course at any time?

Can I start the course without my G1?

Do I have to finish my classes before I can start my in-car training?

How do I get an appointment for a road test?

How early can I go for my ministry road test?

How fast can I complete the in-class lessons?

How long can I wait before I have to start my driving lessons?

How long do I have to finish the course?

How much Discount will I get on my Insurance with the certificate?

Is there a payment plan?

What does the full course program consist of?

What if I lose my certificate?

What is the ministry fee's if I fail my road test?

What makes AAA driving school different from other schools?

When will I get my certificate?

Where do the certificates come from?

Who brings me to my road test?

Why are All Star Driving School prices so much lower than other driving schools? Do more expensive schools offer more to their students?

Would I be able to use my instructor's car?

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