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Break and Avoid

Emergency Maneuver Package

Here at 1st AAA Driving School we like to ensure that our students get the best in quality during their on the road training session. To ensure their safety on the road we offer an emergency maneuver package to go along with the basic 10 hours that is offered with the standard course. We are the only school besides young drivers of Canada that offer this option to their students. the package will involve 2 full hours of instruction that will cover the following maneuvers:

Emergency Maneuver Package

Student must learn to recover and control vehicle if it drifts onto a gravel shoulder.

Head On Avoidance

Same as above, yet in this maneuver the students are taught how to avoid car passing from opposite lane in to their lane. This will allow the student to prevent and avoid a head on collision

Rear Crash Avoidance

Student is taught how to respond correctly to a car that is about to hit them from behind. Emphasis is placed on hand over hand steering and also on being aware of their blind spots.

Avoidance Swerving

Student is taught to respond correctly to an object that has just fallen into their path at 40km/h. Emphasis is placed on proper steering and eyes ahead, always looking into their space on the road and where they want to go.

Threshold Braking/ ABS Emergency Stop

The object of the procedure is to have the student stop as soon as possible using the best braking procedure without the brakes locking up. Avoiding locking of the brakes will prevent the car from sliding and also will stop the car more quickly and efficiently.

With this maneuver student are still using the threshold braking technique, But you are now approaching the object pylons as at faster speed (60 km/h) and will not able to stop in time , therefore to avoid hitting object you must pick and escape route of the time (Left or Right ) and swerve.

Trained professional teach all of our session. Most of the lesson will be given in a parking lot using pylons as obstacles in driver way yet, gravel shoulder recovery will be though the road ONLY when it safe to do so . The cost of the package is $200 + HST and it will cover all the basic maneuvers mentioned above.

We stress that every student consider putting extra in the extra time and money to learn these procedures because it could help them become a more safe and cautious driver. All fees for this package should be paid in advance in order to help us serve you better. Please fill the bottom portion with your name and signature; student under 18 should also have their parent / guardian sign below. If you feel like you want this emergency maneuver package check the box below.